The Price of Being Ashley Rich


Written by Aashka Pandya
Perfect bound, 112 pages
ISBN: 978-1-937675-08-0

  • Reading Level: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade and Up


Fifteen-year-old Ashley Rich is used to living the good life. Her father is the CEO of Plumeria, a bestselling luxury cosmetics brand. She lives in a beautiful mansion in New York’s Upper East Side, where she has everything a girl could ask for, including her own private spa, a butler, and servants at her beck and call. Best of all, she has five amazing friends. There’s Alexa the cute and fun-loving germaphobe, Thalia the sporty genius, Jenny the confident tomboy, Lily the calm and composed yoga lover, and Analise the cheerful sweetheart. Ashley’s life sounds perfect, but this summer, secrets will be revealed, bonds will be broken, and Ashley will be faced with the toughest decision of her life.

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About the Author

Aashka Pandya, author of The Price of Being Ashley RichThis story, and Aashka Pandya’s interest in writing, began one afternoon when she and her friends wrote a story out of boredom. Their story was about six girls: Thalia, Ashley, Alexa, Jenny, Lily, and Analise, or “TAAGLA,” as they called it. Continue reading

Note: Proceeds from sales of The Price of Being Ashley Price are going to the Sewa International USA, a Hindu faith-based humanitarian non-profit service organization providing service to all irrespective of race, nationality, religion, or gender.