Chirpy the Chipmunk


Written by Jyoti Yelagalawadi
Illustrated by Novella Genelza
Perfect bound, 38 pages, full color
ISBN: 978-1-937675-02-8

  • Reading Level: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, Kindergarten, Pre-K
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When two best friends find a helpless baby chipmunk, one of the girls decides to rescue it. Will she be able to take care of the baby chipmunk successfully by herself? If so, when he grows up, will she be able to keep him?

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sample pages from Chirpy the Chipmunk

About the Author

Jyoti Yelagalawadi
Jyoti Yelagalawadi has enjoyed the art of telling stories for her entire life. She passes on this love of storytelling to her students at Lekha School of Creative Writing, of which she is the founder. An avid animal lover who grew up in a family of scientists, Jyoti was initially drawn to the veterinary field, and received her B.S. in Biology and Computer Science and a minor in Creative Writing. Continue reading

About the Illustrator

Novella Genelza
Novella Genelza is a writer, artist, graphic designer and poet from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing with a concentration in poetry from University of California Santa Cruz. During her time at UC Santa Cruz, she guided freshman writing students as a teacher’s assistant and worked for the school’s literary magazine, Chinquapin, helping with magazine layout, design and written contributions. She also did journalistic writing for Banana Slug News (BSN), the school’s own student-run television station. Continue reading