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Ghazal Sajeev

Ghazal Sajeev wrote and illustrated Stuck in Space at the age of eight and Saving Santa one year later. She is an artistic and creative young girl who enjoys drawing, painting, reading, and writing. In addition to writing stories, she also likes to compose poems. Her poem “Riding my Bike” and her essay “Swimming with Dolphins” were published in Creative Communication, and her poem “Together We Can” was selected by her school for the PTA Reflections Program.

During her free time, Ghazal loves baking and gardening with her mother and playing with her father. She loves going outdoors at night to cool down under the starry skies. She is very interested in space, which is what inspired her to write this book. She also enjoys playing the piano, photography, and swimming. She loves wearing boots and she wears them at all times, even in summer, no matter how hot it gets.

In the future, Ghazal hopes to write more books and become a famous author who sits by her window, sipping lemon water and eating tacos while she writes. Ghazal continues to write on her official author website.

Saving Santa
Stuck in Space