Publishing Books by and for Children

The Sassy Divas
The Sassy Divas by Yalda Alexandra Saii

Lekha Publishers is a small, independent publishing house, founded in 2002 on the belief that children and youth can accomplish anything by using their imaginations. Our mission is to publish quality books written for or by young people.

Lekha Publishers works with the Lekha Writing Center to publish worthy young authors. We publish anthologies of student work on a regular basis and highlight specific student writers by publishing solo books. In addition to publishing students’ works, Lekha gives voice to talented and unknown¬†authors, including adult authors who write for children or teens.

Lekha takes pride in the meticulous effort we put into each and every book we publish to ensure that all of our books are the highest possible quality. We aim to engage, entertain, and educate our readers with children’s books and young adult literature of style and substance.

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The Publishing Process

If you believe that you or your child has a story that other children would enjoy, we would love to take a look at it. If we feel that your manuscript shows potential for publishing, a representative from Lekha will contact you. From that point, we will work with you to find the right publishing package based around your budget, needs and desires. We provide editing, formatting, guidance, interior and cover art, and more. It typically takes anywhere between eight and fourteen months to complete the entire publishing process. We will guide you through this entire process with our publishing, printing, and marketing services.

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