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New Home for Lekha’s Publishing Arm

New Lekha Store

Our new website makes it easier to view and purchase the children’s books we publish. Get to know our latest releases and old favorites like:

The Mystery of the Missing Iguana

Reading Level: Pre-K – 3th Grade

Alex and his pet chimpanzee Angelo are the young detectives of their neighborhood. When a friend’s pet iguana goes missing, Alex and Angelo immediately take on the case, and the sneaky reptilian leads them on an exciting chase. How will Alex and Angelo use their sleuthing skills to solve this mystery?

The Dragon Carousel

Reading Level: Pre-K – 5th Grade

Written and illustrated by an eleven-year-old, this book takes young readers along for a ride in the life of Lily Chen, a young Chinese American girl growing up in San Francisco, California. When Lily’s life turns upside down, will she be able to find the strength to overcome her obstacles?

The Sassy Divas

Reading Level: 5th Grade and up

The Sassy Divas is a novel about all the drama and cliques in middle school. It follows the life of Vanessa, giving you a glimpse of what being the most popular girl in school is really like. The Sassy Divas are best friends who do everything together, but one of them is about to break Vanessa’s rules. What will Vanessa do when her reign is threatened?